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The man who had forgotten the names of trees
selected poems
  -  in english and spanish

by british poet Milner Place

Moloko print Verlag - Ralf Friel (editor and publisher)
150 pages. 20 drawings. 18 euros.
ISBN 978-3-943603-02-6   
available at
and each bookstore

Design and Layout by Robert Schalinski

Drawings (1982-2011) by Harald Haeuser
corresponding with the poems:
examples on
pages V- VII  

Preface by Todd Moore:
“The sea, the poem, and the house of all possible myths: the poetry of Milner Place”
page II of this website
A translation of the preface into german by Pociao
page III
A biography (german language) of Milner Place
page IV
An interview with Milner Place
page VIII

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